Minor Sequence


The various courses offered in the Women’s Studies Program examine the status and roles of women, past and present, stressing women’s special contributions to culture and society, and as agents of social change. The Women’s Studies minor enhances preparedness in such careers as business management, counseling, education, health care, law, psychology, sociology, social work and others.

A minimum of 18 semester hours is required. These may be chosen from the following courses:

WS/AN200 * Women, Culture and Society: Introduction to Women’s Studies
WS/AN/PS370 Women and Work
WS/RS201 * Women and Religion
WS/EN217 * Women in Literature I
WS/EN218 * Women in Literature II
WS/CJ225 Women and Crime
WS/PS242 * Psychology of Women
WS/HI251 * Women in America
WS/HI255 First Ladies
WS280 Selected Topics in Women’s Studies
WS/SP350 + Hispanic Women in Life and Literature
WS/AR310 * Women, Art and Society
WS/RS313 * Women and the Bible
WS/BU316 + The Law Governing the Employment Relationship
WS/PO351 * The Constitution and Women’s Rights
WS/BU318 * Women’s Leadership Styles
WS/PL180 * Philosophy of Feminism

Special topics courses related to women.
Please consult the academic department’s section for course descriptions and any prerequisites.
The Women’s Studies Program Director is Dr. Theresa Brown.

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