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Transitioning to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2013


Overviews are offered by department about the differences between Windows 7 and Windows XP, between Office 2007 and Office 2013,  or using the ANGEL Community Group created for self-study. You will receive an email when the upgrade is scheduled and a follow-up email to schedule the overview of differences.
MS Word,   MS Excel,
MS PowerPoint
Group workshop schedules are listed below for Faculty and Staff. For individual help, please contact the help desk.  Please send an email to helpdesk@georgian.edu to schedule an appointment.
MS Word Learn basic Word 2013 skills such as creating, editing, and formatting documents; inserting simple tables and creating lists; and employing a variety of techniques for improving the appearance and accuracy of document content. May 14, 2014
9:30 to 11:00
RH 101

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 MS Excel  Learn basic Excel 2013 such as creating and saving a new workbook, entering data in cells, doing basic math, formatting your worksheets, setting up pages for printing and applying basic mathematical formulas. May 15, 2014
9:30 to 11:00
RH 101

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  • Online Orientation
  • Introduction to the ANGEL LMS 
  • Developing and Managing ANGEL Course Content 
  • Using ANGEL Course Communication Tools 
  • Online Assessment Techniques  


These are a set of workshops that are designed to provide you with an overview of basic skills that are essential for you to create online/hybrid courses using ANGEL. The first in the series, online orientation, is the first step. We highly recommend new faculty contact us to arrange for all the sessions to gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience.

Refresher sessions are also available in any particular tool/feature you wish to utilize in your course. Contact Us!

Please send an email to helpdesk@georgian.edu to schedule an appointment.


    Blackboard Collaborate This workshop is an introduction to the basics of Blackboard Collaborate. You will have hands-on experience in hosting and participating in a real-time virtual room. Best practices will also be discussed on how to utilize this technology to enhance the real-time interaction and collaboration in your online and hybrid courses.
April 30, 2014
2:00 to 3:00
A&S 135 

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Course Design

Introduction to course design. Using a rubric, learn the elements of design for online/hybrid courses. May 28, 2014
1:00 to 2:0
A&S 135

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  • SmartBoard Workshop
  • Smart Classroom Operation
  • Little Theater System Operation  
  • Multimedia in the North Dining Room



Learn some of the many classroom and presentation technologies available on campus. Design your own workshop. Pick all or some areas to enhance learning and meetings. Contact us to arrange sessions.


Please send an email to helpdesk@georgian.edu to schedule an appointment. 

Lunch and Learn Gatherings
in the North Dinning Room 
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