Learning Management System Transition  

from Angel to Blackboard 

Georgian Court University is transitioning from the ANGEL Learning Management System to Blackboard Learn during the 2014-2015 academic year.

Important Facts 

  •  The transition will take place in phases from Fall 2014 through May 26, 2015.
  •  ANGEL will continue to run concurrently with Blackboard until May 25, 2015 and then ANGEL will be no more at GCU.
  •  Blackboard will be supported by the GCU Help Desk.
  •  Blackboard will provide better mobile device support.
  •  Content from ANGEL courses can be migrated to Blackboard courses.
  •  Blackboard will provide a means to access publisher and other content not compatible with ANGEL.
  •  A teaching pilot will occur fall 2014 to work out bugs.
  •  Faculty will be trained 2014-2015 beginning in August.
  •  Migration of ANGEL course content will begin in advance of when faculty are scheduled to move over to Blackboard and will be completed by May 26, 2015 (Summer Session 1).
  •  The order of the migration will be announced later.

Key Dates  

  •  April   2014: Official project kick-off
  •  June 2014: Faculty Training for Online Institute and Faculty Pilot members
  •  August 2014: Pilot  Courses on Blackboard
  •  August 2014 through Spring 2015: Faculty Training of 1-2 days
  •  May 26, 2015 (Summer Session 1): all courses now on Blackboard Learn

Blackboard @ GCU  

 Georgian Court University will have the following Blackboard products:

  • Blackboard Learn, the Learning Management System;
  • Backboard Collaborate, an online video and voice collaboration tool already in use at GCU; however the new license allows for all faculty to use Collaborate freely;
  • Blackboard Analytics, a data information system to support teaching, learning and retention;
  • Safe Assign, an embedded plagiarism detection package;
  • Blackboard e-portfolio, a product embedded in Learn to support assessment;
  • Blackboard Connect, an email and text emergency notification system.

LMS Implementation Task Force 

  •  Steve Carol, CIO, Co-Chair
  •  Jeff Donnelly, Systems Librarian, Co-Chair
  •  Mary Chinery, Assistant Provost
  •  Janice Warner, Dean, School of Business
  •  Kathy Marino, Director of Instructional Technology
  •  Sari Alshiekh, Instructional Technology Support
  •  Bill Bishop, Assistant Professor of Geography
  •  Gina Marcello, Assistant Professor of Communication
  •  Stefannie Nicholson, graduate student representative
  •  Chelsea Sikora, undergraduate student representative


Blackboard Learn Frequently Asked Questions

Online Resources 

Learn more about Blackboard Learn

Faculty Resources

Student News
The following resources will be available for students in the fall. The Implementation Task Force will be advised by students on the team.

  •  Student Newspaper article fall 2014
  •  Student Training Sessions
  •  Student Online Self-Paced Training Modules

Contact Us
Please direct any Blackboard transition questions to Steve Carol or Jeff Donnelly.

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