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TRIO-Student Support Services: Benefits & Services

"Student Support Services has helped me a lot. I get a lot of one-on-one time with tutors and the rest of the staff, especially in math and English, and I use the writing lab and get help in biology. They also provide assistance with writing projects and give me feedback on presentation and research papers."
Mulner Gontrant '14
Mulner Gontrant

The GCU Student Support Services team works to provide students with a range of benefits and services, including:


Professional and Peer Tutoring

Students participating in TRIO-SSS are eligible for tutoring. Students receive assistance in identifying and overcoming study skill weaknesses and in developing confidence in their relationships with faculty and classmates. Students can work with one tutor in a subject area throughout the entire semester at regularly scheduled times on a weekly basis. They also have the option of participating in group tutoring sessions. We also offer a walk-in Writing Lab. Schedules are posted in the TRIO-SSS office, on the Web site, and in the TRIO-SSS Computer Lab. Please check these schedules for available walk-in times.

Educational Planning

The foundation of the program rests on the ongoing individual advising and academic counseling students receive from TRIO-SSS staff members. We assign each of our participants to a staff member who will assess the student’s needs and discuss matters in a confidential and professional manner. Participants are free to meet with any of our talented staff members. Advising is provided to help students focus and direct academic efforts toward their chosen area of interest as well as potential career goals. TRIO-SSS staff members, in partnership with the Academic Advising Center, also monitor participants' academic progress and provide advisement to help students persist in their programs of study.

Along with the many other resources and offices on campus, students will have an additional place to discuss educational options, opportunities, and possibilities. Support in educational planning includes:

  • design of short- and long-range academic support plans,
  • advice on prerequisite courses and minors,
  • strategies for maintaining and improving students' GPA,
  • help with study skills, and
  • assistance with any concerns that have the potential to place students in academic jeopardy.

An Individualized Student Plan (ISP) is developed with each student every semester. As a contract between the student and the TRIO-SSS program, this plan identifies specific academic/support needs and spells out strategies for addressing these needs.

TRIO-SSS staff members serve as academic coaches, advocates, and mentors for all participants throughout their tenure at GCU. They have the advantage of knowing the individual needs of their students and can assist them in preparation for academic success based on these needs.


We are available to help students understand and cope with the challenges that they may face in college. We help participants transition to college and assist in major selection in partnership with other offices and departments on campus. TRIO-SSS provides confidential personal support, guidance, information, and referral services when applicable. Students are guided to leadership opportunities on campus and are supported in leadership development.


Computer Lab  

TRIO-SSS offers a computer lab with Internet access for active participants.

TRIO-SSS Communication

TRIO-SSS utilizes GCU e-mail distribution and the GCU Portal for sending information, opportunities, and announcements to all participants and staff.

Career Planning

TRIO-SSS staff members partner with Career Development to assist students with career exploration. Identifying skills and interests and matching these with possible career fields are an important part of the college experience. Staff members also offer students assistance in applying to and preparing for graduate and professional schools.

Financial Aid and Financial Literacy Advising

The volatile economic climate we live in, coupled with the growing costs of attaining a degree, make it imperative for students to be savvy in managing their money and their expenses. This is especially important for students who are first-generation, low-income students. TRIO-SSS staff members, along with the Office of Financial Aid, assist students in understanding financial aid eligibility, scholarship opportunities, and deadline requirements.

It is a strategic initiative of our project to improve the Financial IQ of all program participants by providing a financial literacy education component. In keeping with this grant goal, and in an effort to make relevant resources accessible to TRIO-SSS students, we’ve partnered with Financial Literacy 101. Each area of focus for the Financial Literacy 101 modules is based upon the unique needs of students in different class years. The modules will build on basic skills acquired from each session and emphasize setting financial goals for after graduation. Workshops on personal finance education also will be offered.

Additional resources to assist TRIO-SSS participants include:


The TRIO-Student Support Services Program at Georgian Court University is a federally funded five-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education in the amount of $284,754 for the 2014-2015 year.


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