Major Sequences

Criminal Justice:
A minimum of 39 credits is required for the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. Students who have no applied experience in the field must complete an additional 3-credit internship. The core requirements include 11 courses, required of all majors:

CJ211 The Criminal Justice System
CJ212 Introduction to Corrections
CJ213 Criminal Law and Practice
CJ221 Introduction to Forensic Science
CJ225 Women and Crime
CJ331 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CJ335 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
CJ495 Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice
SO201 Social Statistics
SO325 Crime and Delinquency (and)
two electives

Students are required to take the following general education courses:

SO101 Principles of Sociology
PS111 Introduction to Psychology (and)
PO211 American National Government (or)
PO221 State and Local Government in America
Two semesters of either biology, chemistry or integrated science.

World Language is required; Spanish is strongly recommended. Another language may be substituted with the approval of the program director.

Recommended courses:

PS223 Abnormal Psychology
PS320 Forensic Psychology
PS321 Criminal Profiling (and)
AN111 Physical Anthropology and Archaeology (or)
AN112 Cultural Anthropology

Transfer Requirements:
A minimum of 21 credits in the major must be completed at Georgian Court. Up to twelve credits will be accepted in transfer from a two-year institution.

Minor Sequences

The sociology minor requires a minimum of 18 credits, including:

SO101 Principles of Sociology
AN112 Cultural Anthropology
SO251 Family Systems
SO301 History of Sociological Thought
SO371 Deviance
SO381 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

The anthropology minor requires a total of 18 credits, including:

AN111 Physical Anthropology and Archaeology
AN112 Cultural Anthropology (and)
four other anthropology courses

More about Anthropology

Criminal Justice:
The requirements of the criminal justice minor comprise a total of 18 credits including:

CJ211 The Criminal Justice System
CJ212 Introduction to Corrections
SO325 Crime and Delinquency

Any two additional courses listed in the criminal justice section that reflect the student’s interest may be selected as electives. At least nine credits of criminal justice courses must be taken at Georgian Court. The minor is available to all majors other than criminal justice with proper registration and approval of the major department.

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