Why Study Anthropology?

Many people think of our society as normal and faraway cultures as exotic. Anthropology teaches respect and understanding for other peoples and for the unique solutions to human problems other cultures have devised.

Anthropology studies both human origins and the contemporary human condition. As a student of anthropology, you will learn about both new and ancient societies. Archaeology, languages, evolution, communications, subsistence, and technology are all just part of the study of human beings.

In today's globalizing society, both businesses and nonprofits need workers who are effective in multicultural settings. They want people with a broad knowledge base, who can collect and analyze information and put it to practical use. People who are comfortable with cultural diversity and who can communicate across boundaries of difference find their skills in high demand in many work settings. Anthropology develops creativity as well as critical-thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Cave ArtGraduates work in a variety of settings in both the public and private sector. These include business, law and law enforcement, government and civil service, advertising, social work, teaching, public relations, communications, and advocacy work. Anthropologists work in corporations, schools, museums, hospitals, community organizations, and park settings.

The Anthropology Program at Georgian Court University

Requirements for the minor in anthropology at Georgian Court College include two core courses in Physical Anthropology and Cultural Anthropology, plus four other courses.

Physical Anthropology covers the study of the fossil record and the study of our nearest living relatives, the primates, while Cultural Anthropology analyzes and compares life in different cultures.

In addition, students may study Native American Cultures or look at the relationship between culture and the built environment in City, Suburb, and Society. A multidisciplinary analysis of gender and culture is offered in Women, Culture, and Society.

Additional courses are offered in archaeology, anthropological theory, and other topics relevant to the discipline of anthropology. Students work one-on-one with faculty and are offered many opportunities to explore their personal interests through independent research. The program provides a solid foundation for pursuit of more advanced graduate work in anthropology or related fields.

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