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Criminal Justice
Dr. DasGupta & two Sisters
 Dr. DasGupta (center)

Sociology and Anthropology

What makes sociology unique is the constant quest to apply the knowledge gained by studying society to improve society. Sociology creates the awareness that changing society for the better is the responsibility of every citizen and fosters appreciation of the interconnections between each person and the social environment. Sociology and anthropology aid our understanding of human life in all of its manifestations. We are social creatures. Any total understanding of human behavior and experience must include the social and cultural milieu that affects all peoples.

Dr. Cynthia Ninivaggi Chairperson
Dr. Cynthia Ninivaggi
The offerings are thus geared:
  • To provide a comprehensive and in-depth education in the field of sociology;
  • To equip the student with the knowledge, skills, and values to facilitate an understanding of social trends in an increasingly globalized world;
  • To equip the student with the knowledge, skills ,and values to enhance and support their future careers;
  • To enable students to think critically about their social lives and investigate alternative social futures of just and egalitarian societies.

Criminal Justice and Homeland Security

The criminal justice field is expected to need increased numbers of qualified college graduates, especially in the areas of forensic accounting, homeland security, crime scene analysis, rehabilitation of offenders, and private security. The criminal justice major is designed both for those new to the field as well as those already in the field who wish to increase knowledge and academic credentials. The focus on women and social justice provides a perspective not usually encountered in traditional programs.

Dr. Robert Louden, Director of Criminal Justice
Dr. Robert Louden, Director
Criminal Justice

The major in criminal justice provides professional training in criminal justice with a strong liberal arts background for traditional students interested in the field and criminal justice professionals who wish to advance their education and enhance their expertise. In addition, the major provides the foundation for those planning to pursue graduate study.

The program emphasizes not only technical proficiency, but also humanistic and behavioral dimensions. The major reflects GCU's special concern for women through courses on women as professionals, offenders, and victims in the criminal justice system. There is also an emphasis on social justice and translating concern into action.

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