Fall 2014 Registration Information

The Advising Period begins Monday, February 24, 2014.

Fall 2014 AND Winter 2015 registration begins on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 7am.       


To better support online and in person registrations, the starting time for the FIRST DAY of registration for EACH GROUP has been changed to 7AM (from midnight). Online registration and the registrar's office will both be opened at 7am on the first day for each group! (See below for the registration dates for each group).

Please note: The fulfillment of course prerequisites will be validated during the online registration process in Self-Service. If you have not fulfilled a course prerequisite, please contact your advisor!


The Fall 2014 Main semester begins Monday, August 25th. The last day to add courses for the Main session is September 3, 2014.

View a list of the other Fall 2014 session dates on the registrar's Important Dates page.

Please remember if you plan to complete degree requirements in Fall 2014 you must have a graduation application on file by the deadline. Refer to Important Dates.

Dont forget to file your 2014-15 FAFSA & 2014  Summer Financial Aid forms by June 1st 

Online Registration

A website has been set up to assist students with online registration. The website is /registrar/onlinereg. We highly suggest reading the information contained in this website before proceeding with online registration.

Registration Dates


  • Matriculating students with 90+ credits begin registering on Thursday, March 13 at 7am

  • Matriculating students with 60+ credits begin registering on Thursday, March 20 at 7am

  • Matriculating students with 30+ credits begin registering on Thursday, March 27 at 7am

  • Matriculating students with less than 30 credits begin registering on Thursday, April 3 at 7am

  • Non-matriculating/non-degree students begin registering on Thursday, April 10 at 7am

  • Athletes, TLC, and Honors students receive priority registration status. All athletes, TLC, and Honors students may start registering on March 13 at 7am


  • Matriculating graduate students begin registering on Thursday, March 13 at 7am

  • Non-matriculating/non-degree students begin registering on Thursday, March 20 at 7am

Continuing Students

  • Students may enroll for courses online, without immediate payment, through September 3, 2014

  • Beginning September 4, 2014, continuing students who have not enrolled in classes will have a Tuition Hold placed on their account. Students will be required to pay 100% tuition and fees prior to gaining online access.

Registration Confirmation

You will be able to confirm your registration once you have completed registering online. After you click on the "Process" button and are shown a screen with a section labeled "Registered Courses for <year>/<term>, what is displayed there is your current schedule. You can also click on the "Course Schedule" link in Self-Service and view the proper year/term schedule for further confirmation.

Room Assignments

Final room assignments will be available via Self-Service the week of August 18.


The Fall 2014 schedule will be available online on Self-Service during the week of February 18. It can be accessed by going to https://selfservice.georgian.edu and clicking on Visitors and then Find Course Sections.

A complete course schedule can be viewed/printed by going to the Self-Service course schedule and clicking on the "Print all course sections." link. This will open a list of all courses at GCU. A complete schedule can then be printed from that screen. The online schedule is always up-to-date and should be consulted for all course statuses (Closed, Open, or Cancelled).

School of Business - Courses can be found under the following prefixes : AC, BU, EC, HC, and IS.

Applied Music courses are offered at all class levels. If a course appears "closed" or you do not see your particular interest offered on the schedule, please contact Fr. John Zec ext 2624 or zecj@georgian.edu.

Certain courses are restricted to certain populations or require departmental approval before registering. These courses are listed with a class maximum of "0". Please contact the department for information on registering for these courses.

Section Designations

Traditional Students

Section Number Division Permitted to Register Notes
01-11 GCU Lakewood - Undergraduate  
12-19 GCU Lakewood - Undergraduate  
20-29 Graduate Students  

Nontraditional Programs

Section Number Special Program Notes
ACC# Education Accelerated Open to Education Accelerated Students Only
COM Communiversity Open to Communiversity Students Only
AAH, APS, HTH, MNSQ, MDON, NEPT, PTPL, RBC Course Ahead Open to Course Ahead Students Only
ADM Admin Leadership Cohorts Open to students in the cohort program only
CMB Cumberland Cohort Open to students in the cohort program only

Remote Course Sub-types

Designation Description

The course is taught 50% online using the ANGEL course management system to deliver internet-based interactive instruction, and 50% with the instructor in the same room as the students. Students are required to come to the classroom for the face-to-face sessions.


The course is taught 100% online using the ANGEL course management system to deliver internet-based interactive instruction. Students do not come to a classroom.

VTC The course is taught 100% by video teleconference. Students are required to come to a classroom for all class sessions but the instructor may be teaching from a different location using real-time, interactive video teleconferencing.

Building Key

Check the campus column on your course schedule to confirm class locations.

GCU Campus Buildings

A&S Arts & Science Building
CAS Casino
FC Farley Center
HH Hamilton Hall
MC Mercy Center
MER Mercedes Hall
MUC Music Center
RH Raymond Hall
RHC Raymond Hall Computer
RHE Raymond Hall East
WC     Wellness Center

Off-Site Locations (for any course listed with a room of OFFCAM)

Click Here to View Offsite Location Information

Days of the Week

Day Description
M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
S or SAT Saturday
SatA classes begin September 5 and meet every other Saturday, unless otherwise specified
SatB classes begin September 12 and meet every other Saturday, unless otherwise specified
SPEC Specified Dates, see table below

Note: If the schedule shows the days of the week as TR, the class will meet on Tuesday and Thursday.

Note: Classes that meet in two different rooms, on the same day, will be listed with an asterisk: Example (M) and (*M).

Courses with Specified Dates

Dept Course ID/Section# Dates

Honors Options

Students accepted into the new Honors program can take the following class. This class is only open to new Honors program students.

Course ID Section   Course Title
EN221 01H

Argument: Craft and Style: HONORS

EN221 02H

Argument: Craft and Style: HONORS

EN221 03H

Argument: Craft and Style: HONORS

PL245 01H

Philosophical Inquiry: HONORS

PS111 04H

Introduction to Psychology: HONORS

Service Learning

Reminder: Students under the current general education requirements must complete two experiential learning experiences: one must be a designated course that has a service learning component (other than First Year Seminar); the second must be an internship, a designated study or travel abroad experience, or another course with a service learning component. Listed below are courses that can be used to complete the service learning type of experiential learning. Please note that you can take the following courses without having to complete the Service Learning component.

Student Responsibilities for Service Learning Enrollment

  1. Register for a course section with Service Learning option. 

  2. Self-identify with your professor within the first two weeks of school to enroll for the Service Learning component for the course.  If you have submitted a graduation application and plan to complete degree requirements at the end of this term you must contact the Office of the Registrar at X2294 or X2247 and report your pending Service Learning courses.

  3. Successfully complete the Service Learning component for the course.

  4. At the end of the semester check your transcript to make sure Service Learning is reflected on the transcript.

Service Learning Options

To view an up-to-date listing of the courses with a Service Learning option, please view Self-Service under Find Course Sections.  Service Learning component courses are also listed on Angel under "Community Groups."  Click Service Learning, click content, click Courses with a Service Learning Component.

Students on Hold

Georgian Court students whose accounts have been placed on an Admissions, Advising, Advising Center, Billing/Bursar, Loan Exit, Tuition, Records, Health, or Registrar Hold will not be able to register. Such students will receive a "STOP" warning at the beginning of the online registration process identifying the hold or holds on their account. Students are instructed to contact the office/department placing the hold. Once the hold has been cleared the student will be able to access on-line registration.

Online and Web Courses

Students enrolled in online and web courses, as designated above, will have access to ANGEL one week prior to the start of the semester. If you can not access ANGEL within 24 hours after registering, please contact the Office of Information Technology Help Desk at 732.987.2222.

Student ID

All students have been issued an identification number (preceded by zeros). By using this number on all paperwork submitted to the University a student record is easily identified. Consequently, it will eliminate confusion of students with similar or same names. Your student ID# is printed on your student ID card. It is a nine-digit number that begins with zeroes (ex. 000012345)





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