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General Information

What is my student ID number?
Your student ID number is the nine-digit number printed on the lower-right hand corner of your student identification card. For example : 000012345.

What does it mean to be a matriculating student? A non-matriculating student?
Matriculating students are those who have been formally admitted to the institution and have confirmed their intention to enroll in a certificate, certification or degree program. Matriculated students may attend classes on either a full-time or part-time basis. Undergraduate matriculating students have a class standing such as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior.

Nonmatriculating students are those who are taking courses to achieve special professional goals or personal enrichment. Nonmatriculating students may later choose to apply for matriculation, but should be aware that credits taken prior to matriculation may not be applicable to current program requirements. Graduate students who are not yet formally accepted in their graduate program but are taking classes are non-matriculating students.

How is class level determined?
Effective Fall 2004, class level will be determined as follows:

  • Senior: 90 or more credits completed
  • Junior: 60-89 credits completed
  • Sophomore: 30-59 credits completed
  • Freshman: 0-29 credits completed

Please note that credits you are currently attempting do not impact your class level. They do not impact your class level until you have earned them by getting passing grades in the courses you are taking.

Also, this change does not impact Fall 2004 registration dates, for which the class levels thresholds are, respectively, 99, 66, and 33 credits.


Can you fax my transcript?
No, unfortunately we can not fax transcripts, whether it be an official or unofficial copy.

I need my transcript today. Can I get a copy on this short notice?
No, we can not process transcripts in this short amount of time. We need at least 24 hours (maybe more based on request load) to process a transcript.

I need my transcript somewhere by Friday. Can you send it and I'll send the money in later?
No, we need the processing fee in hand before we can release a transcript.

Can I fax my request?
No, we need an original signature in order to release transcripts.

Can someone else pick up my transcript for me?
Yes, as long as you authorize us, in the transcript request, to release the transcript to the third party.


I need a verification for a deferment but I can't show as less than half-time. Can I get a verification only stating that I am enrolled at Georgian Court University?
No. We are legally required to provide loan companies certain information, including but not limited to name, address, social security number, enrollment dates, and status.


A class is full but I really need/want to take the class. Is there any way I can get in?
Maybe. We can not overload a class before a room assignment is made. Once we know how large a room a class is assigned, we can, with instructor approval, exceed the stated course maximum. However, if a room is filled to capacity, we can not register another student, even with instructor permission.

Academic Records

What do I do if I have previous college/graduate credits I would like applied to my current degree?
If the course was not addressed at the time of application, submit a written request to the Office of the Registrar stating the applicable course number and name. Requests must include a copy of the course description and a copy of the cover the catalog description came from. Official transcripts must already be on file in the Registrars office. Include in your request your student ID# and the academic program you are enrolled in. You will be notified in writing when a decision has been made. Please refer to the college catalog regarding qualifications for transfer courses.


I am receiving information regarding Commencement, does that mean I am graduating? I did not complete any forms but I paid the graduation fee, am I all set for graduation?
No. All students must apply for graduation through the Office of the Registrar. Students who have submitted their application for graduation will be sent official academic audit results. The results will be mailed to the address on file. Students are to register for proper courses using their audit results as a guide. During the students final semester a final audit for internal purposes will be prepared. Students will be sent notification only if degree requirements have not been met. Information sent by other offices is in anticipation of graduation only. Only the Office of the Registrar determines graduation eligibility.

Is there a separate Commencement ceremony for August or December graduates?
No. Currently the college offers one Commencement ceremony. Students graduating in August or December are eligible to participate in the Commencement ceremony of the following May.

Since I applied for graduation I added a minor. Do I need to submit a new application?
No. Complete and submit the Change of Academic Program Form to the Office of the Registrar. Forms must be received within the first two weeks of the semester of graduation.

I decided to drop my second major so I did not include it on my application for graduation. Is that sufficient?
No. You must complete the appropriate form (Undergraduate or Graduate Change of Program/Major/Minor), obtain the required signatures and submit the form to the Office of the Registrar in order to have something officially removed or added to your academic record.

When will diplomas be distributed?
Students will be notified of diploma distribution procedures during the semester of their graduation.

My audit states that I have not declared a minor. Do I need a minor to graduate?
No, minors are optional and not required to graduate. The section of the academic audit that deals with minors simply informs you as to whether or not you have formally declared a minor. If you do not have a minor and the phrase "You have not declared a minor" is checked off, there is no need to be concerned. However, if you believe you have declared a minor but that same phrase is checked off, then you will need to formally add the minor to your record via a Change of Academic Program Form. This form is available from our website and our office.

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