The study of psychology gives you the tools to succeed in a variety of fields. Consider the ways in which you'd like to make an impact, and decide the path that's right for you. At GCU, we offer two 36-credit tracks in psychology: general and graduate. Within each of those tracks are four areas of concentration: Mental Health and Human Services, Human Development, Business and Industry, and Applied Behavior Analysis.

The general track is for students who plan to enter the job market with their undergraduate degree or go on to a graduate degree in another subject area (such as education or business). This track requires 36 credits in psychology, including:

  • PS111 Introduction to Psychology
  • PS114 Issues in Psychology
  • PS235 Dynamics of the Group
  • PS300 Multicultural Psychology
  • PS360 or PS432 Cognitive Psychology or Psychology of Learning
  • PS410 Applied Statistics and Research Methods
  • PS455 Senior Seminar

The graduate track is for students who plan to go to graduate school in psychology. It ensures that you have the prerequisites and preparation for practically any psychology graduate program. This track requires 36 credits in psychology, including:

  • PS111 Introduction to Psychology
  • PS114 Issues in Psychology
  • PS223 Psychopathology
  • PS250 Social Psychology
  • PS300 Multicultural Psychology
  • PS310 Theories of Personality
  • PS341 Biological Psychology
  • PS360 or PS432 Cognitive Psychology or Psychology of Learning
  • PS430 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
  • PS431 Experimental Psychology
  • PS455 Senior Seminar

Areas of Concentration

Within the two main undergraduate tracks are four areas of concentration (course sequences) that allow you to further tailor your program to your academic and career goals.

  • Mental Health and Human Services:  If you want to go into clinical or counseling psychology or to work in a mental health setting after graduation
  • Human Development: If you are a Psychology/Education double major, or if you want to work with children after graduation
  • Business and Industry: If you are interested in working in a business setting, for example, in management or human resources
  • Applied Behavior Analysis: This major prepares you to sit for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board national examination for certification as a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst. ABA is a system for working with individuals who have autism spectrum disorder.
  • Addictions Counseling:

Students who do not elect to pursue one of the above areas may instead pursue a comprehensive program of study in psychology. In addition to the core courses listed, it is recommended that students select a series of courses that will allow them full exposure to the major areas of study within psychology. Students will select these courses in consultation with their advisor.

Elementary and Career Certification

Students working toward certification in elementary education (K-5) with psychology as a dual major may choose either track. Certification students may take SC111;112 Integrated Science for the science requirement. For the required professional courses in education, please refer to the School of Education section of this catalog.

Honors Program

To be eligible the student must be enrolled in the graduate track

  • Have a 3.5 GPA in psychology courses, have a 3.4 overall GPA and
  • Have taken at least three psychology courses at the 300 level and above (one of the three must be PS341).

To remain in the program, the student must receive “B+” or better in PS431

  • Attend at least one conference (state or national) in their senior year or before and
  • Take PS460;461; Research will be submitted to a conference or journal.

Tranfer Students

Students must complete a minimum of 21 credits in the Psychology Program at Georgian Court including PS455 Senior Seminar.

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