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Open Forum: Mount
Rushmore: A New Face
If you could add one American—living or dead—to
Mount Rushmore, who would you select and why?
Completed in 1941, the Mount Rushmore National
Memorial is a large sculpture
carved into Mount Rushmore,
South Dakota. The sculpture
features the faces of four U.S.
presidents: George Washington,
Thomas Jefferson, Theodore
Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.
Imagine that Congress passed
a measure that authorized
adding one more face to Mount
Rushmore, with the stipulation that this person must be
an American—living or dead. Whom would you nominate
and why? Should this person be a president? A political
or military leader? What about those with distinguished
records in the world of culture, science, sports,
entertainment, business, technology, or religion? Should
social activists, dissidents, and reformers be considered? In
order to diversify the mountaintop, should this “new face”
be reserved for a woman and/or a racial/ethnic minority?
What is greatness? What defines a hero? Whom should
we honor with monuments and why?
We invite you to discuss and debate this issue and to
nominate the next Mount Rushmore face. This forum
is sponsored by Phi Alpha Theta—the National History
Honor Society—and the Clionaes History Club.
Little Theatre
February 26 (Tuesday); 4:00–5:30
FREE; reservations required.
Photo by Ed Menard, Ranger
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