Getting Permission / Sample Letters    

In  many  cases,  the restrictions of the  copyright  law  may  be lessened or waived altogether by contacting the copyright owner. The  request  should  be made in writing  and  a  self  addressed, stamped envelope should accompany the request.   (Addresses may be obtained  in  the library.)  The request should be  made  well  in advance  of  the  needed  date (at  least  two  months),  and  the copyright  owner  should  be given at least one  month  to  reply. Instructors should keep a file of such requests,  and are bound by the decision of the copyright holder.

In some cases,  the copyright owner may specify certain conditions when granting permission (e.g., a fee).  It is permissible to pass this  fee  on  to  the students if the  material  in  question  is photocopied.   If  a fee is required for  nonprint  materials,  it should be charged to the instructor's departmental budget.

Should the copyright owner decide not to grant permission to  your request,  that  videotaped  program must be  erased.   Should  you receive  no response from the copyright owner,  this is not to  be interpreted as approval for your request.


APA Copyright and Permissions      
American Psychological Association’s permissions policy and online permissions request forms.

Sample letter requesting permission to photocopy materials (PDF)

Sample letter requesting permission to retain off-air copies (PDF)


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