Vision Statement

At the intellectual heart of this growing Mercy university, the library will provide quality resources, facilitate a welcoming environment for our diverse community, and inspire each student to develop skills for life-long learning.

Mission Statement of The Sister Mary Joseph Cunningham Library

The purpose of the Library is to support the university in fulfilling its teaching, research and public service in ways consistent with, and supportive of, the mission and its goals, including educating individuals for effective life-long learning. The Library identifies, acquires, preserves, organizes and disseminates information, giving special attention to supporting the undergraduate and graduate curricula. The Sister Mary Joseph Cunningham Library strives to further the development of a personal world-view and sense of values. The Library furthers the teaching and learning activities of the university by:

  • Embracing a dynamic, evolving organizational structure that responds to changing needs and opportunities;

  • Developing collections of materials and information resources in a variety of formats (e.g., print, audiovisual, on-line) and reflecting diversified ideas in the fields represented by the curriculum;

  • Employing state-of-the-art techniques that provide comprehensive bibliographic access to the library collection in an efficient and timely manner;

  • Fostering information literacy skills that support classroom learning, independent research and life-long learning;

  • Using information technology to meet the diverse needs of students, faculty and other library users;

  • Actively assisting users to identify, locate and obtain information, whether held locally or remotely;

  • Providing an atmosphere in which study, research and leisure reading can take place.

The Library's primary clientele is its students, faculty, and staff. In addition, the Library strives to provide support opportunities for leadership by initiating and supporting programs that promote social justice, ethnic, religious, and racial harmony and the intellectual strengthening of neighborhoods. Access to the Library and use of materials within the building is free and available to all persons, whether or not affiliated with the University. Materials are also shared through interlibrary loan and available for on-site use. An adult must accompany children at all times.

Access to existing formats of recorded knowledge is provided to support teaching, learning and research as affirmed by the Library Bill of Rights. Collection resources are acquired, preserved and provided that support the curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Librarians, faculty and staff collaboratively utilize professional procedures to acquire, catalog, house, provide access to, and promote intellectual development and information literacy. Through collaborative interaction, Library personnel actively assist users to identify and obtain needed information, using traditional Library resources as well as an extensive variety of databases and indexes.

As technologies continue to transform learning, it is essential that vital services provided by the Library contribute to the: 1) enhancement of information literacy; 2) continued development of life long learning and, 3) expansion of opportunities for critical thinking.

Values and Beliefs

1. The Library acknowledges the Roman Catholic heritage of Georgian Court University and seeks to provide a collection that embodies this tradition.

2. The Library supports the educational mission of Georgian Court University, by providing the materials and services that contribute to the cultivation of scholarly study and the mastery of general and specific intellectual skills.

3. The Library believes it must assist in providing the intellectual growth of each student as a person of values and wisdom.

4. The Library has the responsibility to provide opportunities for faculty and staff to continually upgrade the depth and currency of their knowledge and expertise by providing materials for their research and professional development.

5. The Library believes that it is necessary to assist in the development of the overall scholarly, intellectually capable student in and beyond the classroom experience.

6. The Library has the responsibility to offer a program of library services that will meet or exceed the requirements and standards of the various professional associations and accrediting agencies.

7. The Library plays a vital role in continuing the development and perpetuation of an archival record of Georgian Court University.

8. The Library seeks to increase campus-wide and community awareness, recognition and support of its programs, collections and services.

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