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Questions About Researching

  1. Find a journal article?
    1. Go to Library on the left sidebar, and choose Online Resources from the menu.
    2. On the next page, there is a link for Databases in the top left of the page, under the Library banner.
    3. On the Databases page you can sort by Subject to choose a database, or scroll down to the alphabetical list by database name.
    4. There is also a comprehensive guide to Finding Periodical Articles available under Find Articles and More on the right of the link list.
  1. Find what database to use for my topic?
    1. See the above question to navigate to the Databases page.
    2. Choose the closest subject from the available categories.
  1. Access the databases from off-campus?

    All new students enrolled in Fall 2007 or later:
    (Example shown is as Jane Doe, Student ID: 00000987654)

    Username: First Initial of First Name, last five digits of Student ID (jd87654)
    Password: First Initial of First and Last Name, pound sign (#), middle two digits of SSN (jd#45)
    (You will be prompted to change this password at first sign on to GCU workstation)

    Email Account: Same as username (

    All students enrolled prior to Fall 2007:
    (Example shown is as Jane Doe, SSN: 123-45-6789)

    Username: First four digits of last name, last four of SSN (doe_6789)

    Password: First Initial of Fist and Last Name, pound sign (#), middle two digits of SSN (JD#45)
    (You will be prompted to change this password at first sign on to GCU workstation)

    Email Account: No changes from original account creation (

    DB Access Troubleshooting:

    If you still can't get into the databases, call IT (732) 987-2222 to check if there's a problem with your password, or try to get into Angel (the login is the same for Angel and the databases).

    If you have problems with connecting to the databases and your password is correct, call the reference desk 732. 987.2422 to see if there are any problems on our end.

  1. Access a journal article online?
    1. Enter our Databases and type in one major concept in each search box.
    2. Once you find a title you like, if you want to read a short summary of the article, click on the article title and look for the abstract. The abstract will explain if it's a case study, done in a different country, or if it approaches your topic from the direction you want to go in.
    3. Once you know you want the article, look for links to PDF Full Text, HTML Full Text, or Find Full Text.
    4. If it only has Find Full Text, you will have to go through a few more steps to see if we own it online or in print. For guidance, please check our Finding Periodical Articles guide.
  1. Open the PDF Full Text of an article?
    1. Check if you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you don't know, you can download a free copy of the latest version at this link (
    2. Download the program to a folder you picked on your hard drive. Remember where you saved the program!
    3. Open the .exe file and let Auto Setup run.
    4. Try to open the article again now that Adobe Reader is installed. If you still have problems, please call IT at 732.987.2222.

      Printing Issues: If you are having trouble printing a PDF, try saving a copy to your computer, then open the file and print.
  1. Find an article when the Journal List (Find Full Text) had no results for that journal title?
    1. In order to get an article we do not own, you will need a MINIMUM of a week to get an interlibrary loan.
    2. Print out or copy down the citation (article author(s), article title, journal title, volume number, issue number, page numbers) and ask at the reference desk for an interlibrary loan form.
    3. We also have the interlibrary loan form under Library to Online Request Forms.
    4. If you're not sure what kind of source you have or which form to fill out (i.e. journal article, book chapter, book review, etc), please call the reference desk at 732.987.2422 and we can guide you through the process.
  1. Find a book on my topic?
    1. To search for books, choose Library on the sidebar, then Library Catalog.
    2. Once you're in the catalog, remember that if you put in a search and don't separate your terms with AND, you'll get fewer or no results because it searches as a phrase, not two separate words. Hit Enter or click Search Everything.
    3. If you are searching for a particular person, do last name first, first name last (ex: Roosevelt, Eleanor) and click author (for books written BY them) or subject (books written ABOUT them).
  1. Find a video or DVD on my topic?
    1. Go to Library, then Library Catalog and click on a beige tab on the right of the page that says Power Search.
    2. Scroll down until you see a drop-down box on the left side of the page that says itemtype next to it.
    3. Choose VIDEO or DVD from the drop-down menu and scroll back to the top of the page.
    4. Put your search terms in the box next to "words or phrase," separating major concepts with AND (ex: Spanish AND dance) and click Search Catalog.
    5. Videos and DVD are NOT on our regular shelves. You must bring the call number to the circulation desk and have them retrieve it for you.
  1. Recall a book that someone else has already checked out?
    1. Please contact the Circulation Desk at 732.987.2419.
  1. Renew my books online?

For instructions on how to renew a book online please view the Searchpath Instructions by clicking here.

  1. Find articles on e-reserve?
    1. Log into Angel.
    2. Choose the course you're enrolled in.
    3. Look at the left sidebar. Near the bottom there should be a button for E-reserves.
    4. Follow the links in the folder to the articles. If you have trouble accessing them, please call the reference desk at 732.987.2422.
  1. Find materials on reserve?
    Come to the library and ask at the circulation desk. You'll need:
    1. Your professor's name
    2. The course number that you're enrolled in
    3. Your GCU ID card
    4. The title of the item you're looking for

Questions About the Library

  1. Where is the Sambol Room?
    The Sambol Room is on the second floor of the library behind the curved wall at the right of the library.
  1. Is IT (computer help) located in the library?
     IT Department is located at 851 Lakewood Ave. You can reach them at 732.987.2222.
  1. Where in the library can I find a quiet study space?
    We do our best to keep the noise down on all floors, but the second floor is the only space designated as "quiet space." If there is a specific noise or individual who is causing a problem, please tell a librarian and we will take care of the situation.
  1. Do you have group study rooms?
    Yes, on the lower level of the library. Groups have automatic priority over individuals using the rooms.
  1. Is food or drink allowed in the library?
    Please view our current food and beverages policy located on our Library Building Policies Page.
  1. What parts of the library close earlier than the official closing time?
    We have to shut the computers down and prepare the library for the night, therefore the computer lab, circulation desk, photocopy room, and audiovisual center close 15 minutes before the doors are locked at the end of the night. Please plan ahead to make sure that your photocopying and computer work is done in accordance with this schedule. Announcements are made a half-hour before we close that we will shut these functions down in 15 minutes.
  1. How much does it cost to photocopy or print articles?
    Photocopies are $0.10 a copy. Since we contract out for our machines, we have no control over the cost. However, since most journal articles are under 10 pages, the cost should not be prohibitive. Circulation can always provide change until we close the copy center and circulation desk at night.
  1. Who was S. Mary Joseph Cunningham, and why is the library named after her
    Sister Mary Joseph Cunningham served the members of the Georgian Court University community for almost 50 years -- from the late 1940's throughout the mid 1990's. Among the positions she held were that of Bursar, Business Officer and Vice-President of Business Affairs/Treasurer. For many years Sister lived in various campus residence halls as a hall dean, and guided students as the moderator of various classes and the Student Government Association. To recognize her dedication to the campus community and the many contributions she made to the institution while in ministry here, the Board of Trustees named the Georgian Court College Library in her honor on September 12, 1999.

  2. Where is the NASA Education Resource Center in the library?
    The NASA Center is on the lower level of the library, and is administered by the Department of Physics. Please call the ERC at 732.987.2436 to make an appointment.
  3. Does the library have a Facebook page?
    Yes! Click Here to check it out!
  4. Where in the library is the SSC (Student Success Center, ADC, TLC)?

    The Student Success Center is on the lower level of the library. You can reach the Academic Development Center (ADC) at 732.987.2788, and the Learning Center at 732.987.2716/2737.


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