Gift Policy of the Sister Mary Joseph Cunningham Library

The Sister Mary Joseph Cunningham Library of Georgian Court University welcomes gifts of appropriate materials or funds for the purchase of information resources. Donated materials are expected to meet the same standards of quality and relevance to the collection as purchased titles.

These materials must support the teaching, research, and general needs of the University. In addition, donated resources must support the mission of the Library as well as meet the Library's collection development guidelines and policies.

The Library reserves the right to evaluate, select and dispose of any donation that does not meet the needs and/or policy guidelines of the Library's collections. Donated works by faculty and/or alumni authors are welcome and will be added to the collection, unless resources are deemed inappropriate for an academic library, or their condition prohibits addition to the collection.

The University Library will not accept any donation with special restrictions or conditions attached to it, unless the donor has received prior approval. Donations should be in good condition, free of mildew and other possible sources of contamination.

Questions concerning donations should be directed to the Library Director's Office (732-987-2421). Final decisions on the retention and disposition of gifts are the responsibility of the liaison librarians and the Director of Library Services. All gift materials will be processed by Technical Services after they have been reviewed by the designated library liaison.

The Library does not appraise (apply monetary value to) any gift titles or collections, based on the guidelines of the American College and Research Libraries' Statement on Appraisal of Gifts. An appraisal, if desired by the donor, should be done prior to the donation of materials to the Library. All donors will receive an acknowledgement letter from the Director of Library Services. If requested, a gift plate may be placed in appropriately donated materials.

The GCU Institutional Advancement Division handles monetary gifts for the Library as well as funds for the purchase of memorial titles. Donations of rare materials should also be brought to the attention of the Director of Development.

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