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Holistic Health: Totally Online MA and Cert Programs Now Available! 

Georgian Court University's new totally online MA and certificate in Holistic Health are now available.  Certificate can be completed within 11 months (Summer, Fall & Spring) while new cohort of MA in HH begins in July and complete the degree by the end of Aug the following year.  A double-sided flyer is printable here or get the e-packet here.

HH500 - Anatomy & Physiology: A Holistic Approach [Summer]

HH500 - Examines both the Western perspective of the structure and function of the organs and systems in the human body and the Eastern perspective that emphasizes the interrelationship of the internal organs to overall health of body, mind and spirit. This course is a prerequisite for all other courses in the program. Students will begin a journal in this course and continue to document their master’s degree experience throughout the program. 

HH501 - Foundations of Holistic Health [Fall]

HH501 - Provides the foundation for a discussion of the basic principles and differences between Western (allopathic) and Eastern (traditional) health care. Examines the differences and similarities of the various forms of traditional healing methods and analyzes current health practices and future trends. In this course students will continue to keep a journal to document their development through the program focusing on their growth experiences in mindbody- spirit and social interconnectedness. The journal experience will be incorporated in all the courses in the program and integrated into the culminating experience at the end of the program (HH599). This course is also a prerequisite for all other courses in the program. 

HH502 - Advanced Healing Methods [Fall]

HH502 - Explores the philosophical, historical and cultural aspects of traditional healing methods. Examines the basic principles and the ancient art of diagnosis, which were developed in countries such as Japan, China and India. Evaluates basic techniques used in the complementary medical arena. Students will be required to complete a field experience in a health care setting. Prerequisites: HH500 and HH501

HH515 - Holistic Stress Management [Spring]

HH515 - Examines the stress response; holistic approaches to stress management (such as meditation); manual medicine (acupressure, massage); the role of exercise and laughter; effects of stress on sleep; stress and nutrition; and the role of spirituality, including research on prayer and healing. Prerequisites: HH500 and HH501

HH520 - Energy Medicine [Fall]

HH520 - Examines the current research in the emerging field of energy medicine. Explores past and current concepts related to the human energy field. Examines the effects of electromagnetic radiation on health. Also emphasizes evaluation and therapeutic strategies employed by energy medicine practitioners.

HH525 - Holistic Perspective: Counseling Techniques [Every other Summer]

HH525 - Practice in basic counseling skills, empathy, listening, communication and evaluation of client issues; basic understanding of psychological disorders from a holistic perspective. Students will practice skills, develop an understanding of their own communication patterns and the capacity for empathy. Prerequisites: HH501. 3 credits.

HH530 - Research Methods [Spring]

HH530- Basic research design and control techniques with focus on threats to internal validity and interpretation of statistical analysis; critical evaluation of research in the field. This course will include instruction in the use of library databases. Prerequisites: HH501. 3 credits.

HH535 - Eastern Approach to Nutrition [Spring]

HH535 - Examines the underlying Eastern theories practiced primarily in traditional Chinese medicine. Studies how the Eastern approach to nourishment in many forms complements basic Western medicine. 3 credits.

HH540 - Humor and Healing [Summer]

HH540 - Examines the philosophy of healthy humor. Explores the science behind the healing properties of laughter with regard to specific dis-ease processes, as well as overall well being.  3 credits.

HH555 - Holistic Spirituality [Every other Summer]

HH555 - Explores the development of a holistic spirituality as a way to foster a new appreciation of our total humanness. Dimensions of holistic spirituality to be addressed include interrelationship of the body, mind and spirit; body awareness and praying with our bodies; creative prayer experiences; praying contemplatively and effectively; and the healing power of touch. Prerequisites: HH500 and HH501. 3 credits.

HH580 - Health and the Environment [Fall]

HH570 - By inquiring into the effects of human social organization and relationship with the natural environment on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, this course will contextualize individual health issues and seek healing responses to imbalances in social, environmental, and personal health. 3 credits.

HH570 - Special Topics in Holistic Health: Independent Study [Fall, Spring, Summer]

HH570 - Final Special topic will be selected by each learner and the advisor and takes a form of independent study. The topic, learning objectives, learning activities and assessments will be determined and agreed before the beginning of this course. 3 credits.

HH599 - Project in Holistic Health [Summer]

HH599 - This is the capstone course in which students will produce a paper critically reviewing relevant literature and develop an educationally based program or design a research project relevant to their profession or field of interest. In addition the student will evaluate their self-development by reviewing their journal begun in HH501 and continued throughout the program. This course may be taken after the completion of twenty-one core course credits that must include HH530. 3 credits.

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