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Holistic Health: Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies

The Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies is an interdisciplinary program that is intended for those who wish to pursue advanced studies related to the whole person and mind-body-spirit integration.

This program is based on the philosophy of the interconnectedness of all nature and grounded in the principles, strategies, and concepts related to optimizing the quality of life through mind-body-spirit integration.

This 36-credit program (27-credit core course requirement and 9 elective credits) provides professionals with the educational framework necessary to explore the role of holistic health as an integration of Western conventional (allopathic) and Eastern traditional approaches to health, spiritual, and psychological meaning and our relationship with the environment.

The program focuses on the study of principles and techniques that ensure mastery of content and competence in mind-body-spirit integration, quality of life, and complementary (traditional) health care. Course work is based on a scientific foundation and a philosophical paradigm that includes both Eastern and Western approaches to health. The program provides the framework for students to develop a personal philosophy based on holistic principles related to physical, social, mental, spiritual, and emotional well being. Opportunities are provided to explore choices within holistic health that affect human connectedness and encourage respect and cooperation with others and with the environment.

Required Courses

HH500 Anatomy and Physiology: A Holistic Approach (Classroom or Online)
HH501 Foundations of Holistic Health (Classroom or Online)
HH502 Advanced Healing Methods (Online)
HH515 Holistic Stress Management (Online)
HH520 Energy Medicine (Classroom or Online)
HH525 Holistic Perspectives: Counseling Techniques (Classroom or Online)
HH530 Research Methods (Classroom or Online)
HH555 Holistic Spirituality (Classroom or Online)
HH599 Project in Holistic Health (Classroom or Online)


HH535 Eastern Approach to Nutrition (Online)
HH540 Humor and Healing (Classroom or Online)
HH545 Ayurvedic Approach to Mind-Body Healing (Classroom)
HH550 Healing Arts: Music, Movement, Journaling (Studio)
HH560 Native American Medicine (Classroom)
HH565 Homeopathy (Classroom)
HH570 Special Topics in Holistic Health: Foundations of Healing Plants (Classroom), Environmental Health (Online), Kundalini Yoga (Classroom/Studio), Meditation (Online), Women's Health (Classroom)

Course Descriptions

Holistic Health Graduate Certificate Program

This program is for students who wish to pursue knowledge related to holistic health, but do not wish to complete a master's degree. A minimum of 18 credits is required for the certificate. HH500 and HH501 are required courses. Other courses should be chosen in consultation with an adviser. Students who wish to change their status from the certificate program to the M.A. program must have at least a B average in the certificate program, adhere to the admission criteria stated above, and file an application with the admissions committee.  You have an option to complete this certificate in 100% online format.

Required Courses:

18 credits of graduate-level holistic health courses, including HH500 (Anatomy and Physiology: A Holistic Approach) and HH501 (Foundations of Holistic Health). Electives chosen upon advisement.

Course Descriptions

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