Health Services

American College Health Asssociation LogoConfidentiality: Health Services is in compliance with federal and state regulations regarding the security and privacy of health information. Confidentiality is assured by the entire staff regarding all interactions, information, and health records. Immunization records are not considered confidential.

Services: The Health Center is staffed with registered, professional nurses and a part-time physician. No appointment is necessary. Free, quality, confidential health care is provided to all Georgian Court students with special attention to those problems frequently encountered in a college-age population. Students with more serious medical problems are referred to specialists, hospitals, and other appropriate agencies and subsequent costs are the student’s responsibility. Health education and disease prevention is promoted through health counseling, screenings, and wellness programs that are presented throughout the year. Our staff works with students to increase their knowledge of health-related issues, to improve individual self-care capabilities, to encourage responsible use of health care resources, and to promote an appreciation on healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Treatment of minor illnesses and conditions
  • Interim care of those with chronic illnesses
  • First aid and care of minor injuries (all injuries should be reported promptly to Health Services)
  • Immunizations: MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella), Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Influenza and Meningococcal vaccine*
  • Tuberculosis (Mantoux) screening
  • Lab testing
  • Referrals to area hospitals and specialists, as needed
  • Insurance information and assistance

*provided at a discounted rate

Health Forms and Immunizations Records: All students are required to complete a health form and provide documentation of immunizations before attending class and/or moving into residence halls. Failure to comply will result in a Health Hold on your account and inability to access your grades or register for future classes. ALL RESIDENTS MUST COMPLY PRIOR TO MOVE IN.
Georgian Court University requires the following:

  • MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella)- 2 Doses
    First dose given after 1968 and on or after 12 months of age; second dose separated at least by 28 days from the first dose or laboratory report indicating positive immunity
  • Hepatitis B: All students enrolling with 12 or more credits
    Three doses of vaccine (two doses of adult vaccine in adolescents 11-15 years of age) / or laboratory report indicating positive immunity
  • Meningococcal tetravalent (MUST INCLUDE GROUPS A, C, Y, & W-135): Campus residents only Meningococcal Meningitis vaccine given on or after 16th birthday. BOOSTER DOSE required if given prior to 16th birthday.
  • Verification of negative Tuberculosis (Mantoux) test, Quantiferon Gold-TB test , or chest x-ray is required of all resident and international students within 6 months of admission.

Optional Student Health Insurance for 2014-2015: Optional Student Health Insurance for the 2014-2015 academic year is being offered through AIG.

Enrollment and payment for voluntary coverage must be done by the eligible student (undergrads with at least 9 credits and grads with at least 6 credits) through the AIG student insurance website:
Policy and coverage information is available on the AIG website or may be found under downloadable forms on the Health Services web page.


***It is strongly recommended that students WITHOUT health insurance coverage purchase insurance through the AIG website. ***

NOTE: INTERNATIONAL AND DANCE STUDENTS ONLY will automatically be billed for university health coverage. However, if proof of alternate coverage is provided, the university coverage may be waived through the Bursar’s office. Waiver deadline is September 29, 2014. University Accident Insurance is required for all students and may not be waived.

Students with private insurance are encouraged to have their insurance cards readily available in case of sickness or emergency. If you are a member of a HMO, please check prior to your arrival on campus for a physician within your provider network. Medicaid insurance outside the state of New Jersey cannot be accepted.

Rights and Responsibilities of Patients:

  • Patients are treated with respect, consideration, and dignity
  • Patients are assured personal privacy, including protection from access to their confidential information.
  • Patient disclosures and records are treated confidentially
  • Patients are provided, to the degree known, information concerning their diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis
  • Patients are given the opportunity to participate in decisions involving their health care, whenever possible
  • Patients have a right to competent, humane treatment, with appropriate respect for their opinions and beliefs in the process of receiving health care
  • Patients are responsible to give the health care provider complete and full information on their past and present health status and to cooperate in treatment planning and follow up. Responsibilities include asking questions of health care providers, making use of available information and education concerning their own health, and showing the same respect for health care personnel as they expect to receive.
  • Patients are responsible to express suggestions and grievances, whenever indicated, in order to assist the college health service in improving the quality of health care and education services.

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