Georgian Court University Greenhouse


  The college greenhouse covers about 300 square feet, and includes over 250 species representing more than 60 families. The collection features geraniums, succulents, ferns, orchids, and bromeliads. The plants are used primarily for teaching introductory biology, botany, and ecology. Some of the specimens spend the winter in the greenhouse and the growing season in the urns found throughout the campus arboretum. Greenhouse plants are also used as centerpieces and decorations for college functions, models for creative works by students in the art programs, and religious displays by the campus minister. The educational value of the collection is enhanced by the grouping of plants into several mini-gardens: bog, salt marsh, convergent evolution, silver, tropics, scratch and sniff, purple, forest floor, and nonseed vascular. Some bench space is always available for student and faculty research projects. The greenhouse is used for studies on plant nutrition, germination, interspecific competition, tissue culture, and population growth.

The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program in the greenhouse keeps pests under control through the use of beneficial insects, and no pesticides other than insecticidal soap. Student workers assist in pest control, re-potting, and other maintenance tasks.

The greenhouse is open to the public, and visitors are welcomed! The greenhouse is maintained by Dr. Michael F. Gross. For a list of the species in the greenhouse, click here. For more information, call 732 364-2200, ext. 2345.

Photographs of Part of the Plant Collection:

Aizoaceae (3 GIF images, 107K) Geraniaceae (1 GIF image, 40K)
Aspleniaceae (1 GIF image, 43K) Malvaceae (1 GIF image, 32K)
Bromeliaceae (2 GIF images, 84K) Marsileaceae (1 GIF image, 20K)
Cactaceae (2 GIF images, 50K) Orchidaceae (2 GIF images, 145K)
Crassulaceae (1 GIF image, 27K) Oxalidaceae (1 GIF image, 34K)
Ephedraceae (1 GIF image, 25K) Psilotaceae (1 GIF image, 21K)
Equisetaceae (1 GIF image, 26K) Silver Garden (1 GIF image, 44K)
Euphorbiaeae (3 GIF images, 113K) Botanical Ice Images (5 GIF images, 250K)

Collection of Flowering Plants

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