Beth Schaefer, Ph.D.

Beth Schaefer
Phone: 732-987-2335
Office Location:
A&S 142
Office Hours:
Physics Department

Educational Background:

  • B.A., Boston University, M.A., Ph.D., Boston College



  • E. Collett and B. Schaefer, Polarized Light for Scientists and Engineers, Polawave group, 2012.

Journal Articles:

  • Schaefer et al, An estimation of the number and size of atoms in a printed period, The Physics Teacher, 49, 2011.
  • E. Collett and B. Schaefer, Electrodynamic theory of fluorescence polarization of solutions: theory and application to the determination of protein-protein separation, Applied Optics, 48, 2009.
  • E. Collett and B. Schaefer, The visualization and calculation of polarized light 2. Application of the Hybrid PolarizationSphere, Applied Optics, 47, 2008.
  • E. Collett and B. Schaefer, Visualization and calculation of polarized light 1. The polarization ellipse, the Poincare sphere and the hybrid polarization sphere, Applied Optics, 47, 2008.
  • B. Schaefer and E. Collett, A Rotating Waveplate Polarization Analyzer from The Wolfram Demonstrations Project,
  • Schaefer, et al., Measuring the Stokes Polarization Parameters, Am. Journal of Physics, 75, 2007
  • B. A. Schaefer (nee Allor), M. J. Graf, J. L. Smith, and Z. Fisk, Magnetoresistance of thoriated UBe13, Physica B 165&166, 359 (1990).

Courses Taught:

  • PH111-112 Physics in your Life
  • PH114 Aeronautics and Space Exploration with NASA
  • PH121-122 General Physics
  • SC111-112 Integrated Science
  • SC115 Science Technology and Society
  • PH221 Vibrations and Waves
  • PH227 Modern Physics
  • PH/CS235 Electronics for Scientists
  • PH310 Mathematical Physics
  • PH322 Optics
  • PH337 Astronomy
  • PH350 Mechanics
  • PH360 Solid State Physics
  • SC405 Earth Science
  • PH421 Experimental Physics
  • PH422 Quantum Mechanics

Research Area:

  • Polarization Optics

Service to the University:

  • Present Committees: General Education Committee, Academic Standards Committee, Executive Committee
  • Past Committees: Ballot Committee, Curriculum Committee, Faculty Concerns, IT Committee, Program Review Committee
  • Past chair of Mathematics and Physics Department

Why I love GCU:

  • Individual student contact with faculty, family atmosphere

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