Student Government Association Election Application

Please fill out the following application in order to be considered for Student Government Accociation leadership.

Please note:

You must actively campaign for your position.
You will be required to give a speech about why you should be elected to "your" position.
Your constituents will be required to vote via the GCU portal (Please inform your supporters).


Team Player * Openness to Change * Willingness to Lead * Good GPA

Application                                                    PDF Icon Downloadable Form

*  Full Name:
* Address:
* Email Address:

Position for which you are applying:

Executive Board
  Two years minimum in SGA required for E-Board president and one year for all other positions on the executive board.
Class of    
Cabinet Chair:  
* Cumulative G.P.A.  A minimum 2.75 GPA is necessary to run for office - GPA's will be verified by the Registrar.
* Essay Questions:  


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