Marketing & Communications at Georgian Court University

Marketing & Communications is a team of dedicated experts responsible for promoting GCU and its programs, services, and events to current and prospective students, alumni, and the world. We work with all areas of the campus--from Annual Giving and Alumni Relations to Admissions and Academics--to develop all recruitment, promotional, and informational material for GCU. Our services include writing, design, editing, photography, vendor management, and administration of all GCU brand identifiers, such as the logo, across the university as we all work together to present a clear, consistent image of GCU across all media. Campus constituents should contact Marketing & Communications for assistance with the production of:

  • Brochures, flyers, and posters
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Magnets, bookmarks, and give-aways
  • Event invitations and programs
  • Web pages and blogs
  • Presentations
  • Any project that involves the general public or prospective students

Our goal is to ensure that all university communications are as effective as possible and work harmoniously to support GCU's unique identity as a Mercy institution of higher education so that people can easily recognize and relate to programs and events as being "Georgian Court." Some of the ways this is achieved is through consistent use of the GCU logo and our colors, blue and gold. It's important to remember that a piece may be reaching someone for the first time, or for the fiftieth time and, either way, we want that piece to represent what we're all about in content as well as in visual style. This not only helps build a strong sense of identity for GCU, but helps your program/event gain instant recognition as being part of GCU. Successfully representing GCU begins with Representing Georgian Court University, a comprehensive guide to using the GCU logo and colors, writing and speaking about GCU, being part of the GCU Web site, and planning events and marketing campaigns for your programs. Please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for this manual at

Marketing & Communications Quick Guide

  • Stationery: All GCU letterhead and business cards should be ordered through the GCU Print Shop at 732.987.2277 or To order envelopes please contact Barbara Guenther,
  • The GCU colors are blue and gold, PMS2738 and PMS1245 respectively.
  • Use of the GCU Seal is restricted to the Office of the President and for events of high academic importance, such as Convocation and Commencement.
  • All media announcements should be made through Marketing & Communications, which maintains regular contact with a host of media outlets.
  • Requests for honoree ads/event journal advertising must be made through the Office of the President.
  • All program and event advertising must be done through Marketing & Communications.
  • Giveaway items should be coordinated through Marketing & Communications, which can create custom GCU artwork to fit the size of your item.

Getting Started

To ensure that Marketing & Communications can effectively serve the diverse needs of the university, we employ a project management approach to all requests. All projects are initiated with the submission of a Design Production Request Form. This form ensures that we have all the information necessary to start work on your project, and helps you to plan and budget your project and to understand what your areas of responsibility are as the project moves forward. Please fill out this form as completely as possible. Please remember to submit a separate form per each project type. For example, if you need 500 flyers and 100 posters, you would need to place two requests, one for the flyers and the other for the posters. 

Design Production Request Form

The Project Cycle

  1. Complete and submit the Design Production Request Form.
  2. First Proof: Upon receiving the First Proof, the client should review the general layout, look, and imagery used. Often low-resolution photos will be used as placeholders for review. It is in the First Proof that any concerns with the design of the piece should be addressed. Once the Revised Proof is issued, no changes will be made to the design of the piece unless made necessary by content changes. As you are reviewing, please remember that Marketing & Communications has the expertise and responsibility for determining design. Try to be objective and understand that we are all bound by the GCU identity system. Criticism based on personal opinion is not a valid reason to change the design. Critiques aimed at more effectively expressing the information, however, are always welcome. In addition to the overall layout, the client should review the piece for informational accuracy, checking spelling, grammar, typos, names, titles, and phone numbers. At this point, the content has not been thoroughly reviewed or proofread by Marketing & Communications, so typos are not uncommon. Submit your changes via e-mail or by a marked-up hard copy.
  3. Revised (Second) Proof: The Revised Proof is the time to ensure that all edits requested on the first proof have been made correctly. The client should again do a thorough review for spelling, grammar, typos, names, titles, and phone numbers. If everything is as you want it, then you may sign off on the proof and we will proceed to production. However, usually some additional minor edits are needed and a third proof required.
  4. Final (Third) Proof: This is the final proof before we proceed to production and your last chance to catch any errors. Look over your proof carefully and, ideally, have someone who has not yet seen it take a look as well. At this stage, Marketing & Communications will also proofread the piece. If all is well, you may sign off on the proof and we will proceed to production. If additional edits are needed, submit them and a new Final Proof will be issued for sign off prior to production. Upon your final approval, the Office of Marketing and Communications and the GCU Print Shop are not responsible for any errors. Should you have changes after the job was printed, your department/office will be charged to reprint the job. 

Things to Remember

  • Marketing & Communications may change your text to conform to GCU branding and style standards as needed.
  • The client shares equally in the responsibility for the outcome of the project; give care to reviewing and proofreading your piece.
  • The larger the project, the more time needed to complete the work. Plan for an 8-week production schedule whenever possible. Due to the volume of work, Marketing & Communications may not be able to accommodate requests that do not leave an appropriate amount of time for the work to be done. Last-minute requests lead to mistakes and higher expenses and interfere with the production of projects already in the schedule.
  • The Design Production Request Form should guide you in planning and budgeting your project. Try to provide as much information at the start as you possibly can. Some projects will not be able to be started without certain information in place. Marketing and Communications will let you know if this is the case when your DPR form is received.
  • There is no such thing as "rush printing." The standard industry minimum for printing is two weeks. To get things printed more quickly often requires additional funds. In addition, all printing requests should be evaluated by Marketing & Communications and the GCU Print Shop first; if the job cannot be printed on campus, Marketing and Communications will work with you to find an appropriate vendor for the work.
  • We encourage student efforts to participate in marketing their events and programs; however, it should be noted that student work will be held to the same branding and visual identity standards as the rest of the university. This is vital to ensuring clear, consistent communication. Students planning an event that is open to the public should contact Marketing & Communications before initiating the project and be prepared to work within GCU branding guidelines. Programs and events done by students for students are not required to work through Marketing & Communications.

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