Georgian Court Faculty Fellowship Award Guidelines

The Provost will award fellowships of up to $1,000 each, for faculty activities in specific categories defined and prioritized below. The award will be based on written applications along with an itemized budget for the expenditures. These are to be submitted to the Faculty Development Committee by April 20 of each year. The proposed activities must be completed between July 1 and August 31 of the following year. To apply, please fill out the Faculty Fellowship (pdf) Application form.

The categories of activities that will be considered for funding:

Category A: Curriculum Development and Course Delivery

Development of course curriculum for accelerated and online courses – funding will pay for reference books/software or other resources needed to develop the course.

Information literacy across the course curriculum – funding will pay for reference books/software or other resources needed to develop the courses.

Technology integration into classroom curriculum – development of web enhanced courses-funding will pay for reference books/software or other resources needed to develop the course.

Category B: Scholarship and Creativity

Resources needed to develop scholarship and creativity in one’s field of specialization – seed money to start new projects that one wants to try before sharing it with the students, or writing a grant proposal.

Resources to prepare publication materials – journal articles, oral/poster presentations or exhibitions.

Category C: Enrichment

Actual cost of attending workshops/courses to enhance knowledge in emerging fields in the area of specialization or to improve pedagogy.

Selection Process

Awards will be based on the merits of the proposal. Special consideration will be given to first time applicants. The Provost will approve the awards in consultation with the Faculty Development Committee. The awards will be announced by the Provost at the Faculty Appreciation Dinner.

Requirements of the award

Upon completion of the activity a detailed report of participation and outcomes should be submitted to the Provost by November 1.

Category A: Activities such as development of courses should be ready to be processed through the curriculum committee(s) and offered during the next academic year.

Category B: The report of work to be presented for publication, presentation or exhibition should include places/journals for such display of scholarship and creativity. The report of research or other creative activities should include future plans for continuing the work.

Category C: The report of the workshops/courses attended should indicate the application or incorporation of knowledge gained to classroom instruction at Georgian Court.

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