Graduate Students

Graduate students must file a FAFSA each year in order to receive Stafford Loans. To be eligible for stafford loans, graduate students must be matriculating in a graduate degree program and taking at least four credits.

Graduate students are not eligible for Pell and NJ TAG awards. Information regarding graduate student eligibility for the federal TEACH GRANT can be viewed under “The TEACH GRANT.”

Federal Stafford Loan Program for Graduate Students 

Federal Stafford Student Loan-Unsubsidized: This program allows graduate students who demonstrate federal financial aid eligibility and who are enrolled for at least 4 credits per term (Fall and Spring) to borrow up to $20,500 per year. In order to be eligible for Summer loans students must be minimally enrolled for 4 matriculating credits. A student would be eligible if they were enrolled for 4 credits in either Summer I or Summer II or 3 credits in Summer I and 3 credits in Summer II. Repayment begins six months after termination of college enrollment or when a student falls below half-time status. Interest accruing during those periods may be paid or capitalized.

Summer Loans

Graduate students requiring loans for the Summer I and or Summer II sessions must submit a Summer Application to the Financial Aid Office. Students must be registered for Summer session classes before the loans are awarded. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the amount of loan is sufficient to cover the bill. Students who add or drop classes after the loan has been awarded should contact the Financial Aid Office. Loans will be cancelled for students who do not complete a minimum of 4 credits and the balance will be the responsibility of the student.

Graduate Assistantships

The Georgian Court University graduate assistantship program provides graduate students with the financial resources necessary to pursue their degrees. This financial support—stipend, tuition remission, and benefits—is part of the University’s commitment to the success of our graduate students.

Graduate Assistants are, first and foremost, graduate students pursuing an education. The opportunity to work closely with faculty members and undergraduate students in living learning communities, research, or administrative environments is an integral part of that education. Georgian Court University is committed to ensuring that graduate assistant assignments are productive, enhance student learning, meet funding support and workload goals, and are consistent with the educational objectives of the student and his or her program.

Graduate students who hold assistantships benefit educationally and professionally. They develop professional expertise; enhance research skills and acquire experience in leadership, interpersonal effectiveness, administrative experience; and benefit from collegial collaborations with faculty mentors and administrators. Skills learned in assistantships prepare students not only for the educational setting, but the workforce.

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