Career Development

Located on the second floor of the Casino, the Office of Career Development & Experiential Learning works to assist students and alumni in:

  • Understanding the relationship between your academic studies and careers.
  • Making sound career decisions based on an evaluation of your goals, abilities, interests, and values..
  • Testing possible career choices through cooperative education, internships, and part-time jobs.
  • Developing skills for an effective job search.
  • Researching post-graduate educational opportunities.


Our office has various online tools and resources that are available 24/7, including our online job posting system that is connected to major industries and companies throughout the nation. We also have periodicals and other materials located in our office. Job shadowing, informational interviews, mentoring, and internships are other great ways to evaluate skills and interests to decide on your future and assistance in learning how to use these tools is available through our office. These services are available to both students and alumni at no cost!

Career Development provides services in:

  • Jobs and Networking GCUCareerLink - A wide range of employers post positions on our online job posting system. The system also provides an opportunity to research careers, salaries, and internships. Information to locate someone within the field that you are interested in is also on the job posting system. This gives you a great opportunity to network and speak to someone who knows about your career of interest firsthand!
  • Internships – Internships are essential to be competitive in today’s job market. Our internship coordinator can assist you in developing everything needed to complete a successful internship experience.
  • Quick Tips- Learn fast tips and suggestions regarding interview skills, attending a career fair, and writing résumés and cover letters. It is a great way to make sure that you are on the right path to obtaining a job!
  • Career Test – This is an assessment tool that will allow you to further understand your strengths and weaknesses. Based on your personality, the tool will also suggest suitable careers for you to consider. Personal one-on-one counseling can also be provided to assist you in evaluating the results of the test and using the information to help make sound career choices. When asked to complete this test and make an appointment to review the results, we strongly urge you to read the entire report in order to get the maximum benefit from the assessment. By reviewing the results you will be able to have a meaningful dialogue about your interests and choices, and be better able to apply the information to making sound career decisions.
  • What Can I Do With This Major? - This tool lists the various majors and minors offered at GCU and provides information about the careers that you can prepare for with that particular degree. It also recommends particular Web sites and organizations that can help you learn more about those careers.
  • Résumé Builder GCUCareerLink - Marketing yourself with an effective résumé can sometimes be difficult. Résumé Builder provides the template that enables you to create a well-organized résumé. One of our counselors can assist you in developing your résumé and also review it to help you put the finishing touches on it. Give yourself an edge and take advantage of this service!
  • Graduate School Info - With a career counselor, you can explore all aspects of going to graduate school and get the information you need to decide whether it is the right step for your career planning. The discussion of programs, location, and payment, as well as when to apply will be addressed. In addition, the personal statement that accompanies most applications can be reviewed with the counselor for suggestions and revisions.

Career Development and Alumni

Alumni are always welcome at the Office of Career Development & Experiential Learning, whether it is for career guidance or as a mentor to one of our current students. All career development resources are open to graduates of GCU. Alumni who are interested in assisting our students can register with the Office of Career Development & Experiential Learning. Networking with alumni can help you get an insider's view of the world of work. Whether you are deciding on a college major, developing career plans with your major, or looking for job search advice, speaking with experienced alumni can help!

Information for Employers

We welcome your interest in Georgian Court University students, whether to offer full-time, part-time, summer, or temporary openings or to arrange for an internship through the Office of Career Development & Experiential Learning. Please contact us anytime to advertise your opening to GCU students or to set up an internship.


Kathleen Brady, Director


Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Summer hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m.–5:15 p.m.

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