School of Business

School of Business - Undergraduate Minor in Business

Business knowledge is invaluable in any career. The school of business offers minors to meet the needs of undergraduates in any academic discipline. Offered minors are Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Marketing, and Sports Management.

Requirements for the particular minors are listed below:

Accounting Minor:

  • AC171 Principles of Accounting I
  • AC172 Principles of Accounting II
  • AC272 Intermediate Accounting I
  • AC273 Intermediate Accounting II
  • AC471 Federal Taxation I
  • Select one of the following:
    • AC371 Accounting Information Systems
    • AC472 Federal Taxation II
    • AC473 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting

Business Administration Minor:

  • AC476 Financial Accounting (or both AC171 & AC172)
  • EC476 Economic Survey (or both EC181 & EC182)
  • BU476 Statistical Analysis (or BU221)
  • BU477 Marketing Fundamentals (or BU241)
  • BU478 Principles of Management (or BU313)
  • BU479 Principles of Finance (or BU335)

Management Minor:

  • BU242 Managerial Communications
  • BU313 Management Theory and Organizational Behavior
  • BU317 Organizational Behavior
  • BU321 E-Commerce
  • BU411 Human Resource Management
  • BU417 Production & Operations Management

Marketing Minor:

  • BU241 Principles of Marketing
  • BU242 Managerial Communications
  • BU321 E-commerce
  • BU341 Consumer Behavior
  • BU342 Principles of Advertising & Public Relations
  • BU442 Research Skills for Management & Marketing

Sports Management Minor:

  • BU371 Principles of Sports Management
  • BU313 Management Theory and Organizational Behavior
  • BU372 Sports Law
  • BU373 Sports Marketing
  • EC384 Economics of Sports
  • BU374 Athletic Administration and International Sport

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