College Level Exam & Non-Traditional Credit Programs

Students may wish to use one of the methods described below to earn credit for knowledge gained during prior learning experiences. This can help students accelerate their degree completion process, save money, or demonstrate competence in a subject area to justify placement at an advanced level. Highly motivated students may gain similar advantages by learning subject matter on their own, and then taking an examination in the subject area.

Georgian Court University will accept up to 30 credits earned through various credit by examination or credit for prior learning programs. The students scaled score must be equivalent to a C or more to be eligible for college credit. Credit is granted only if the related course content has not been previously completed in a course for which the student already earned credit. In order for a natural science examination to be accepted for Georgian Court University's laboratory science requirement, the examination must be taken prior to acceptance to Georgian Court University. Students should note that the 30 credits accepted by the university are in addition to the 30 credits that must be earned at Georgian Court University. All Georgian Court University students must obtain written approval from the department adviser and the registrar prior to taking any of these examinations. A Permission to Transfer Credit Form, which is available from at, must be completed.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests are the most widely used credit-by-examination method. However, students may find one of the other programs described below (DANTES, NYU Language Proficiency Examinations, and ACEs College Credit Recommendation Service) more applicable to their situation. If you have questions about these programs, or to find out if Georgian Court University will grant credit for a particular test offered through one of these programs, contact your academic adviser.


CLEP is operated by The College Board. CLEP tests are timed and offered only by computer. The nearest testing centers are Brookdale Community College (Code #2181), 765 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738, 732.224.2229 (, and Ocean County College (Code #2630), College Drive, PO Box 2001, Toms River, NJ 08754-2001, 732.255.0400 ( When taking a CLEP test, indicate Georgian Court University (Code #2274) as a score recipient. Click here to see a table listing the CLEP examinations and their applicability for Georgian Court University credit.

For more information about CLEP, visit, or contact CLEP, PO Box 6600, Princeton, NJ 08541-6600,, 609.771.5865 (phone), 609.771.7088 (fax).

DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support; also called DSSTs [DANTES Subject Standardized Tests]):

DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support; also called DSSTs [DANTES Subject Standardized Tests]): Originally developed for armed forces personnel, DANTES exams are now available to the general public. They are similar to CLEP exams. Click here to see a table showing applicability of DSST exams for Georgian Court University credit. For more information about DANTES, visit:

ACEs College Credit Recommendation Service (formerly PONSI):

The American Council on Educations College Credit Recommendation Service translates workplace education and training courses into college credit. It evaluates formal training courses, certifications and examinations. Its findings are published in a national guide, which colleges use to determine how to award college credit. For more information, visit:

New York University Language Proficiency Exams:

New York University offers language proficiency exams in a wide array of languages, including uncommon ones. Both a 12-point and 16-point exam are available. GCU students may take either the 12-point or 16-point exam. After NYU grades the exam, it issues Georgian Court University a letter recommending the appropriate amount of credit. GCU makes the final determination about the number of credits that will be awarded. GCU will award a maximum of 16 credits. For more information, visit

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