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How early should I arrive as a commuter?
A commuter should be aware that unexpected delays almost always occur on the commute to school. Although I live only 10 minutes from campus, I make sure that I leave about a half hour earlier than needed, just to make sure that I am giving myself an extra 20 minutes for unexpected (always expect the unexpected) delays. Each commuter should take the time to map out how long it will take them to get to school and add on an additional 20-30 minutes, just to be on the safe side!

Where can I park on campus and how do I get a parking pass?
There are two main parking lots that the students use on a daily basis; A&S and Farley Center. A&S is the most commonly used parking lot, it is convenient and has plenty of spaces; Farley Center can fill up around 4pm due to night classes and dinnertime. You can get your parking pass by going to the Mercy Center (aka Financial Aid building). You must have your license on you, as well as your license plate number. It takes about ten minutes to process.

Can I get a meal plan too? Where can I eat?
Most commuters do not purchase a meal plan. Unfortunately the meal plans are designed with a resident in mind. Even without a meal plan, a commuter can eat at the Dining Hall (highly recommended!) or the Court Cafe. The Dining Hall is buffet style and has many choices which even accommodate to vegetarians! Plus, they have "all you can eat" ice cream. The cost is low for a buffet style lunch/dinner, so it's totally worth it. The Court Cafe is really cool if you're into sandwiches, french fries, or calzones! They have snacks, sodas, ice-tea and much more. I like to compare it to Wawa. If you plan on being on campus every day, for a long period of time, a meal plan might be right for you! The GCU website has meal plan information as well as the daily menu for the Dining Hall.

Am I allowed to go to programming in the residence halls?
You can go to programs that are held in the residence halls. Most programs are held at a late hour (9-10pm) to make sure everyone is out of class. This year will be packed full of opportunities for commuters to "hang out" together on campus. I will also be teaming up with the director of residence life to develop events for both commuter and resident students. Always feel free to stay late and go to residence programs!

Where can I hang out in between classes?
In between classes you can hangout just about anywhere on campus. The common place is the library, because it is so convenient and spacious. The Court Cafe is another hangout; you don't have to buy food to hangout there. When the weather is nice most students walk around campus and explore the fountain, or other interesting outdoor sites. If you're into working out, the Wellness Center is a fun hangout (they have a gym for students!). If you are just looking to watch TV in peace and quiet go to the Lion’s Den (located in the downstairs of the Casino).

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