School of Business

B.S. in Business Administration

Business administration majors develop an overall understanding of the business environment by studying business fundamentals including economics, ethics, statistics, financial planning, marketing, management, communications, and law. To gain skills needed in the information economy, students are given deep, hands-on training in data management and analysis using spreadsheets and databases. They also learn how information systems enable managers to be more effective and efficient and have the option of studying electronic commerce.  Business administration majors may choose to concentrate further in finance, management, sports management, or marketing to prepare for careers in those specialties. Graduates of the program are well-rounded and prepared to function in a variety of business leadership roles.

The business administration major is given knowledge in each of the fundamental business disciplines:

  • EC181 Principles of Macroeconomics (required General Education course)
  • EC182 Principles of Microeconomics (required General Education course)
  • BU241 Principles of Marketing
  • BU242 Managerial Communications
  • BU311 Business Law
  • BU313 Management Theory and Organizational behavior
  • BU335 Financial Management I
  • BU411 Human Resources Management


  • AC171 Principles of Accounting I
  • AC172 Principles of Accounting II

Quantitative Skills:

  • BU121 Qunatitative Business Concepts
  • BU221 Business Statistics and Probability


  • IS224 Computing and Information Systems in Business
  • IS320 Management Information Systems


The business administration major offers four concentrations to allow students to tailor their learning to an area of particular interest.

Finance Concentration

Prepare for a career in banking, corporate finance, financial planning, insurance, money management, or real estate. You'll study the details of financial management, financial markets, investment portfolio, and tax law.

Management Concentration

Prepare for success in any type of business by building skills in communication, collaboration, relationship management, and operation management. An emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving give you the flexibility to translate your business skills across any industry.

Marketing Concentration

Prepare for a career in corporate marketing, sales, or advertising by studying consumer behavior, market research techniques, and strategy development. Learn to use creativity, data analysis, and ethics to successful promote businesses and products.

Sports Management Concentration

Prepare for jobs in sports and sports tourism, an industry that's expected to grow by 23% by 2018 and where U.S. consumers spend over $200 billion per year. Students gain the knowledge and skills needed for player recruitment, game day operations, sports leadership, event management, and sports-related manufacturing.

Integrative Courses

  • BU491 Business Strategies and Policy
  • BU450/451 Internship Preparation and Internship


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